About Us

Hand-crafted Honey

In 2001, Charles Jolicoeur began his trial with only 2 beehives under his care. Two years later with wealth of experience as an apiarist and his growing passion, he decided to set up and incorporate a company of his own, going by the name of Miel d’Antan. Since his very beginning everything is hand-crafted which makes his products the distinguished selection around his competitors. His swift rise, made him the proud owner of 750 hives as of 2015.

As far as he can recall Charles is an enthusiast beekeeper. Nowadays his main business fields are honey production, blueberry pollination and the fabrication of beekeeper equipements for people who wants to do like him.

His products are 100% made in Québec, non-pasteurized (filtered only), exempt of conservatives and genuinely natural, The honey produce at Miel d’Antan is non-pasteurized for the sake of keeping the vitamins and minerals contained in the honey keeping all the benefits of honey. A non-pasteurized honey also has a greater and more natural taste.

At Miel d’Antan, the production of honey, the harvesting, transformation and bottling is handled with care and love. Charles is wholehearted about the quality of his products and wishes to offer the best of honey products available. The honey offered is unique and will charm you from the first drop.

For honey living up to your expectations or buying equipement to get you started in your honey production, you are invited to greet us here at Miel d’Antan.